2 September 2010

Well we've been back in Liverpool a week now and have had time to reflect on the trip. we have a lot of work ahead: editing the film and thinking about future plans for the NET Team. We are sad to lose some of the students as they go on to their sixth form schools and colleges but wish them well and congratulate them on their successes'. FACT staff and Teachers from the Academy are busy developing building on this years experience and developing this years NET team.

Watch this space to check our progress and for news of the film screening...

The NET team tell us about their trip
 "It was a brilliant, life 'changing' trip and my favorite part was the brunch at B.B Kings diner and watching the Harlem Gospel Choir"

"What I enjoyed most was the sightseeing. The breath-taking architecture of the buildings. The atmosphere. The people."

 "I mostly enjoyed meeting all the wonderful new yorkers, including our american counterparts whom i've stayed in contact with"

 "I thought that the trip was really enjoyable and was certainly a 'change' (get it change for change) from the usual summer holiday stuff."

"I thought it was really interesting to meet young people at the Highline park who were also concerned about their local environment. I really hope that the students at Bishop Loughlin enjoyed learning about what we have been doing here in the UK and are inspired to take on the project and to raise the money to visit us and help us with community projects in Liverpool. Please be inspired guys! You can do it"

A word from our new friends in New York
"My favorite part was going to the top of The Rock with you guys. It was something that made me feel as if I was just like one of you, a tourist, and the fact that we got to share that experience that together was amazing"

FACT's Ed Pink sums up the experience
"This has been a very successful project for FACT on many levels, starting new relationships and strengthening some of our exsiting ones. Linking with the School's in Kensington and Brooklyn, working across departments in FACT and with Eyebeam in NewYork, linking our partners in Arena Housing with St Francis and gaining massive support form LMH and other local businesses. I look forward to the next NET team starting and building on their amazing work."

Check out two more pledges gathered by the NET team below