5 August 2010

It seems like no mega-bucks Blockbuster comes out these days without a new twist on viral marketing, and the sequel to the 1982 cult-classic TRON is no different.
Here's the latest slice of TRON: Legacy-related internet bizareness - a database of conspiracy theories relating to the disappearence of Jeff Bridges' character. There is also a game called Space Paranoids which riffs on the old arcade first-person shoot 'em up motif.

TRON: Legacy really is this year's Lord of the Rings (or Phantom Menace, if you are that way inclined) and when you throw in that Daft Punk are doing the soundtrack (yes, really) it's a be there/be square situation, basically..! It could also be the film most worthy of being watched in 3D...
Tron Legacy opens in December 2010.