27 August 2010

The European wide Media Facades Festival has already kicked off and I'm delighted to say that my project is premiering in Helsinki on the big screen this evening. Based around the themes of identity, normality and citizenship I worked with two groups of residents, one based in Kontula, Helsinki, and the other in Anfield, Liverpool.


Over four days we discussed the themes and structured them into a visual format and a story, shooting on the third day, then editing on the fourth. Both workshops were quite intense and it was incredibly interesting to see the differences and similarities between the two communities. Although the films appear to be very different, the underlining themes are apparent throughout. Another common ground the films share is humour; the residents of Helsinki and Liverpool share a black and self-deprecating (although also proud) outlook on life, which I think is displayed in each of the films.


Kontula News explores loneliness and media representation within Helsinki and also Finland, where as Four Bricks focuses and changing identities during a regeneration that is affecting every generation of the community. What will be interesting, during the time that both films are screened locally, will be to see the reactions and interpretations from the people of Kontula and Liverpool.


The films will be shown daily at 1pm on the BBC Big Screen, Clayton Square throughout September.

Kontula News

Four Bricks