25 August 2010

Kaarina Kaikkonen

Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen is one of the many international artists that has been commissioned as part of the 10th Liverpool Biennial Festival of Contemporary Art, taking place all over Liverpool between 18 September – 28 November.  Kaarina’s beautiful sculptural work will be taking over FACT’s atrium.


Kaarina started out as a painter, but felt like drawing wasn’t challenging enough, and wanted to make her art more physical.  Her work crosses the boundaries between sculpture, installation and architecture.  She uses all kinds of recycled materials to create her work such as craft paper, potato sacks and second hand clothes. 


Her work benefits from being easily approachable, as it tends to deal with issues that most people will encounter in their everyday lives such as social change, the effect of natural disasters on individuals and religious themes.  Kaarina is an internationally recognised artist and has held solo exhibitions in Brussels, New York and Malmo.  


Her most talked about work, Way, ensconced the steps leading up to the Helsinki Cathedral with men’s jackets in 2000.  Using men’s jackets has become somewhat of a trademark for Kaarina, as she often links back to her parents by using her own deceased father’s jackets within her work.  

Way, Men's Jackets, Helsinki Cathedral (2000)



Kaarina is collecting second hand clothes from locals of all ages, and with these she will create an installation in the Atrium. It will centre around the theme of Touched by exploring the sense of a mother’s touch through laundry.  The collective memories of these second hand clothes from complete strangers will explore the maternal act of doing the laundry, and the notion of basic care and unconditional love it expresses.


Kaarina is looking for lightweight tops to use in her work.  You can donate your second hand clothing to the Oxfam bin next to the Information Desk. Please label any donated clothing with your name, postcode and supply an email address so we can keep you updated and send a formal invitation to the exhibition.

We will be listing the names of all those who kindly donated next to the artwork which will be on display throughout the 10 weeks of the exhibition. All items will be donated to Oxfam following the show.

Shadow, Men's Jackets, Helsinki Kunsthalle (2005)

You can see more about Kaarina's work by clicking this link.