20 August 2010

This morning we we went to the top of Empire State building! We were pleased to discover they have a mini exhibition about how they are trying to reduce the amount of energy they waste. This linked perfectly with our project so we did some filming and interviewed some of the staff we me.

Later on we visited Eyebeam, a not-for-profit art and technology Centre. Eyebeam have helped us in the past by helping Bishop Loughlin when we've had live link-ups! A big thanks to Emma at Eyebeam who organised a fantastic workshp for us with artist Taeyoon Choi

Interviewing staff at the Empire State Building.

A Change for Change pledge from protestors outside the Empire State Building.

Taeyoon gave us a talk about his work. 

We had a go at making our own first person films!

Alex interviews Emma Lloyd from Eyebeam.