21 July 2010

U-Ram Choe embraces the man-made and the natural worlds within his creations. His work fabricates an unlikely world made up of mechanical creatures that shift between streamlined metallic objects and shapeless biological forms, reminiscent of prehistoric life-forms.

The futuristic 'natural' forms created by Choe look like a breed of undiscovered future creatures. To accompany each work a historical of bioligical profile is created to locate the objects in an imagined history and place. Each work is based in a parallel universe with detailed descriptions for each new species, outlining specific information around their feeding habits, reproduction cycles and behavioral characteristics.

2008's Opertus Lunula Umbra spanned approximately five meters in length, and was suspended from the ceiling in the atrium for visitors inside and outside the building to admire. A video of the piece being constructed is available in the FACT archive.