29 July 2010

Julius Von Bismarck’s The Space Beyond Me (2010), currently on display in gallery 2, physically imitates the process of memory by projecting old filmed images onto walls painted with phosphorescent paint. Von Bismarck has converted a 16mm camera into a projector which is programmed to move and rotate according to the camera movements of the original film.

His Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus similarly creates a visual representation of an abstract ideal. The machine translates the words of a text into patent drawings. Seven million patents – linked by over 22 million references – form the vocabulary. By using references to earlier patents, it is possible to find paths between arbitrary


This extraordinary piece creates a kind of ‘graphic novel’, filtering art through the minds of scientists to create a ‘story’ made up of linked patents. The patents themselves represent a kind of narrative for scientific progress, which itself is only made possible, the piece suggests, by a tension between creativity and strict discipline