6 July 2010

Sascha Pohflepp’s Fixr project, currently on display in FACT's Persistence of Vision exhibition, invites the audience to write about a memory they wished they’d photographed. Building up a memory bank of beautiful, strange and obscure moments, these are regularly selected and printed out to form part of a growing installation in the Atrium.

Fixr explores how today we share memories digitally by uploading photographs to websites like Flickr, or writing our memories through online forums like Twitter. This form of digital storytelling contributes to a new collective memory and has a direct effect on how we use our visual and verbal memory differently now to the last two decades.

Pohflepp’s work draws on concepts of changing collective memory and the possibilities of future technology to alter our perceptions of the world we live in. In  ‘The Golden Institute’ the artist imagines alternate futures that may have come into being had key events in the past happened differently.
The artist imagines ‘counterfactual histories’, aiming to offer an insight into the forces at work in such moments of historical significance, as well as a fresh perspective on our present challenges.
Here is Pohflepp’s companion film to the piece:


The Golden Institute documentation from Sascha Pohflepp on Vimeo.