1 March 2010

In an age of 24 hour news coverage, social networking and unprecedented digital interconnectedness, the reasons, ethics and arguments around war come under increasingly intense scrutiny. News stories take on a life of their own, no longer restrained by the gatekeepers of mass-media while debate and discussion run rife across the Internet of a global scale.

And yet, while opinions and beliefs about the rights and wrongs of war are ten-a-penny and tragic battleground incidents are leveraged for emotive, paper-selling copy, it is the simplest and most most human question that is overlooked. As part of the MyWar exhibition at FACT we are asking: "What does war mean to you?"

You can view what others have said at our MyWar micro-site. The site provides an intriguing, honest insight into what war really means to people, unfettered by political spin, newspaper reporting or ill-informed comment.

And you can make your own contribution to the site in one of three ways:

- email: mywar@fact.co.uk
- SMS: send MyWar + your message to 60777 (UK only)
- or Twitter: #MyWar

Contributions are moderated and if approved may take upto 24 hours hours to appear on the site. All approved contributions are published anonymously.