8 March 2010

Missile Test

Following the publication of a 'Photoshopped' image of a failed missile test by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, an Internet meme developed with scores of alternative images created reimagining the incidient in a multitude of ways.

In Versions, exhibited in the upcoming MyWar exhibition at FACT, Oliver Laric takes some of the meme images and employs an airbrush artist to reproduce them. By airbrush, in its digital version one of the most typical and recognisable Photoshop tools, the images become alternate versions of the meme altogether.

This video on Laric's website provides a fascinating contextualisation of the piece, referencing other aspects and events relevant to the piece such as Zinedine Zidane's headbutt on Marco Materazzi and the prevelance of 'cammed' versions of movie's released on the Internet. Please be aware that the video does contain some explicit images.