8 March 2010

We're very excited that our new exhibition, MyWar: Participation in an Age of War, opens this Friday! The exhibition investigates the reality of conflict at a time when digital technology has changed the way we receive and respond to information.

As well as exhibiting works by 12 artists, we are asking, "What Does War Mean To You?" You can get involved in the discussion by emailing your thoughts to us, sending MYWAR plus your message to 60777 (UK only) or by including the hashtag #MyWar in a message on Twitter. You can see what people are saying at our MyWar micro-site.

You can also pay a visit to the Media Lounge where you can record what war means to you for other people to listen to and listen to other peoples thoughts, beliefs and experiences.

Elsewhere this week, we have an Introduction to Sound Editing In Final Cut Studio course running on Wednesday and Thursday. If your interested in attending or would like to find out more about the course, contact: Claudia Lastra.

And, of course, its a great week film-wise with Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland showing. We even have Alice themed cupcakes in the cafe as well as a special offer of tea or coffee and a slice of cake for £3.00. Enjoy!