18 March 2010

Throughout the MyWar exhibition, FACT will be publishing guest blog posts from looking at war and politics in the media. Matthew Taylor is a "twentysomething lawyer with interests in arts, music, philosophy, politics, and sci/tech..."
Yesterday's post was entitled "How do you know the news is real?" and suggested asking this question the next time you watch a news bulletin about a conflict you haven't directly experienced.

Coincidentally, the Bluecoat recently played host to several works by the video artist Grace Ndiritu as part of the Sonia Boyce curated "Action" exhibition, including a new work entitled "A week in the news".

Ostensibly, the work consists of footage of six significant international locations - including the conflict zones of Afghanistan, Darfur, and Tibet. A ticker at the bottom of the screen scrolls information about each location, including GPS locations.

But is the information correct? Is the footage?

"A Week in the News" is available online, but is designed to be experience in transitory spaces - people might see the work, but will they think to ask the question?

If they don't, will they find out the truth?

What is the "truth"?