22 February 2010

Yesterday saw the close of a record-breaking computer game exhibition at FACT! Space Invaders: Art and the Video-Game Environment looked at the increasingly blurred boundaries between video game space and real-world spaces.

As well as capturing the imagination of the local community and generating one of the highest attendance figures of any FACT exhibition, the show also received more online traffic than any other exhibition that FACT has held.

From Tuesday to Thursday we're delighted to be hosting the British Animation Awards. Tickets are still available with an exciting programme mixed across each of the three nights.

We are now gearing up for MyWar, which opens to the public on Friday 12 March. MyWar will take a radically personal look at war in the digital age. As well as viewing the work in our galleries, you'll be able to provide your input to the exhibition by sending us your thoughts, opinions and experiences of war. The related programme of events and screenings will also be up on the website shortly so keep your eyes peeled!