11 February 2010

Today, FACT has launched the first update to its website since it launched in December. There are a number of updates scheduled in the coming weeks and months that will incorporate new features and usability improvements.

A lot of what will be included in our updates was planned when we launched the website, but by releasing the site early, we have been able to incorporate user feedback as the site is developed. Which has proved hugely important..!

Based on feedback received, we made sure that a new 'dark-on-light theme' was a priority. While lots of site visitors were pleased with the new look, many said that the light-on-dark theme was difficult to read.  We've also included a text-size changer, allowing users to further adapt the website to their viewing preference.

Film listings are now being supplemented with trailers from filmtrailer.com to help you decide which films you wnat to come and see.

Opinion has been split on the animated feature boxes on our homepage, so we've made them static for the time being and we've reduced the number to three. We'll be taking another look at the feature boxes, so any thoughts are welcome - just use the feedback tab on the right-hand side of the page.

One user said that she has bookmarked our 'What's On' page, but, without the scrolling ticker from the old website, was missing out on news content - so we've included a revamped ticker that pulls in news, blog and press articles! Another visitor mentioned a preference for printing listings and info pages, so we've added printer-friendly versions of those pages to ensure that you only print what is required and use as little ink as possible.

We've also created a more user-friendly slide box on the homepage. This now provides an easy-to-use means of viewing upcoming listings, recent news posts, services and shop products.

We hope you're pleased with the changes and additions and we'd like to thank everyone who has provided feedback on the website so far - it has been invaluable. Our next update is due to include a more developed blog, a staff directory and some further usability improvements - but if you have any thoughts or ideas about the site, then don't hesitate to let us know. As this update has hopefully demonstrated, the FACT website is for our visitors and it's our visitors who we want to help shape it..!