30 July 2009

Widely regarded as a central figure in contemporary cinema, Thai filmmaker Apichatpong 'Joe' Weerasethakul returns to FACT for his first UK solo exhibition. Primitive forms a major component of Abandon Normal Devices and is a multi-platform work commissioned by FACT, in partnership with Haus der Kunst, Munich and Animate Projects, London, Primitive is a multi-screen video installation, two short films, an artist's book and a music video, harmonising Weerasethakul's talent as a filmmaker and video artist. 

Filmed in the sleepy village of Nabua in the Renu Nakhon district of Thailand, where brutal clashes between communist communities and the Thai military took place in the 1960s, the Primitive project is about re-imagining Nabua - a place where memories and ideologies have been extinguished. For this ambitious project Weerasethakul invited the teenage male descendants of communist farmers to fabricate new dreams and memories through building a spaceship together in the rice fields.