9 April 2009

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Streaming Museum (New York). A hybrid museum for the 21st Century that presents real-time exhibitions in cyberspace, as well as public spaces on seven continents, the Streaming Museum was launched on 29 January 2008. Its ongoing programme of multi-media exhibitions is produced in collaboration with artists, curators and cultural institutions across the world - from Africa to Antarctica.

Described as 'a museum in your pocket', the Streaming Museum allows its audience to have access to real-time exhibition footage on their phone, laptop, as well as in public spaces across the world. As a partner, FACT will be contributing to Streaming Museum's curatorial, commissioning and programming efforts, as well as exhibiting Streaming Museum content on FACT TV - FACT's on-demand digital arts channel.

The first full-length exhibition to go on FACT TV is Immobilité. A solo exhibition of new work from US artist Mark Amerika which will also be presented in full length in The Project Room for New Media at Chelsea Art Museum and will remain on view until 9 May. Amerika describes Immobilité as "a feature-length foreign film shot entirely on a mobile phone in Cornwall, UK." The work includes an original soundtrack by renowned sound artist Chad Mossholder and introduces Camille Lacadee and Magda Tyzlik-Carver as on-screen personas that drift in and out of the film's otherworldly landscapes and ghostly narrative sequences.