15 August 2008

The Liverpool actress best known for her roles in Taste of Honey and Dr Zhivago also treated fans to a Q&A after the screening, led by BBC Radio Merseyside's Spencer Leigh. Puffball, directed by Nicolas Roeg (Don't Look Now, The Man Who Fell To Earth) is an adaptation of the novel by Fay Weldon. Also starring Miranda Richardson and Donald Sutherland, it tells the story of powerful forces that are unleashed when a young architect (Kelly Reilly, Pride and Prejudice) becomes pregnant after moving to an isolated and mysterious valley to transform a ruined cottage. And when the neighbouring farmers take against the unborn child, it is her very survival that is threatened.

It is a tale of urban deceit and rural passion, of doctors, witches, birth and death.The audience was asked by Tushingham to sign a book dedicated to the director, who celebrates his 80th birthday on Friday 15 August. Spencer Leigh recorded an interview with Rita for his Radio Merseyside Saturday evening programme which will be broadcast in a couple of weeks. There is also a feature in the Liverpool Daily Post.