23 May 2008

Wildsong at Dawn, a collaborative project between FACT and Liverpool's Alder Hey Children's Hospital, was installed in the hospital just over six months ago as part of an ongoing research project called Sonicstreams, which examines the impact of sound on the healing process of the human body.

Bafta award winning sound-recordist Chris Watson was commissioned by FACT to create an artwork for the world-famous children's hospital. Working with the young patients and health professionals he recorded the dawn chorus and evensong in a neighbouring park, edited the recordings to create a master copy which brings the sound of the urban parklife into the hospital.

Almost 250,000 people have experienced the work. It is also installed into several waiting rooms across the city, as part of the Liverpool Culture Company's Waiting project. The Royal couple were shown Wildsong at Dawn during their official opening of city's ACC Arena and Conference Centre.