10 March 2008

As part of Picturehouse Cinemas' on-going commitment to technical excellence, Picturehouse at FACT was chosen as the starting point for the company's 3D projection expansion plan.Picturehouse at FACT will be using the industry-leading REAL-D 3D solution and the cinema's state of the art 2K digital cinema projector. "REAL-D 3D goes leaps and bounds beyond the early 3D technology," commented Marc John, Head of Digital Development at Picturehouse Cinemas.

"We are delighted that Picturehouse at FACT will now provide the most stunning and realistic 3D experience available anywhere in the world today," commented Guillaume Silvy-Leligois, the cinema's General Manager.

The first 3D events at Picturehouse at FACT include 'Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert' on 14 March and 'U23D' on 5 and 6 April. "| saw U23D and I thought that the 3D effects were not just remarkable but historic... the film has ushered in a new era for 3D" - Frank Miller (writer of 'Sin City' and '300')

Other scheduled 3D events include 'Beowulf 3D' on 26 April and 'The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D' screening for the Picturehouse at FACT kids' club on 26 April.