12 September 2007

Tarantino wanted to watch the film from the audience, "to stick a thermometer up the bum of Liverpool." But 19 year old Becky Johnson didn't expect that would mean sitting next to her.

"One of the ushers at FACT warned me when I turned up that he would be sitting next to me because he wanted to sit in the audience to watch the film," says Becky. "I was really nervous as he introduced Death Proof, then just watched him as he walked up the stairs and across the row to sit next to me".

She says he was very charming, shaking her hand as he sat down. Becky says he was taking in the audience's reaction, and bobbing his head along to the music. "I didn't talk to him much", she adds. "There was one bit with a couple of sheriffs in and I asked him if they were the same ones from Kill Bill, he said yes and seemed really enthusiastic."

There was only one embarrassing moment for Becky, an important part of the film features a high speed crash involving the Death Proof car, driven by Stuntman Mike, aka Kurt Russell. "I jumped in my seat, Tarantino just started laughing".

The 19 year old, who starts university this year, is also a member of FACT's young people film forum. With an already burgeoning interest in films she was keen to get to see the exclusive preview of the film, and take part in the Q&A after Death Proof.

"It was really exciting", she says, "but I did spend a lot of the film watching both him, and the screen."