31 August 2007

FACT's new exhibition, Re: [Video Positive] Archiving Video Positively, which opens today, is a break from tradition. You're used to coming to FACT to explore state of the art technology: This time we're looking back at media used by artists over the last generation, some of which you can't buy anymore.

From the FACT Atrium, to the Media Lounge, in the galleries and up the stairs, you can trace FACT's history, and the history of video art in the new exhibition re-examining the ground-breaking Video Positive Festival, its cultural significance and impact on the video art medium itself. Running bi-annually between 1989 and 2000, The Video Positive Festival brought video art onto the national stage, giving its artists international recognition. The festival reflected FACT's ethos and long-standing commitment to new work and pioneering art forms and exhibiting commissioned work across a variety of venues across Liverpool. Emerging from the festival came FACT's Collaborations Programme, now in its 15th year and one of the first arts projects in the UK to be socially engaging and bring artists into the community.

The exhibition re-stages key works by some of the most significant and internationally renowned artists of the festival:David Hall's A Situation Envisaged: The Rite II (Cultural Eclipse) (1989), Judith Goddard's The Garden of Earthly Delights (1991), Lynn Hershman Leeson's America's Finest (1994), Keith Piper Reckless Eyeballing (1995), Lei Cox Flowerfield (1995), Imogen Stidworthy and Michael Curran Closing/Close By (2000) and a new commission by artists Thomson & Craighead, Beacon (2007).

A timeline depicting key technological advances which coincided with the Video Positive Festival and the emergence of video art snakes up the staircase. In the Media Lounge, visitors will be able to access the FACT Archive, the first step in FACT's programme to provide an online database to record and preserve some of the thousands of works commissioned for the Video Positive Festival. Set to be one of the largest archives of video art, FACT hopes its continuing development and the preservation of all new FACT commissions and collaborations, will help promote a sustainable future for the medium's history and become an invaluable resource for artists, academics and art lovers across the globe. Re: [Video Positive] Archiving Video Positively is open until 04 November 2007.