2 August 2007

FACT will host a workshop and series of screenings in October. Live art performances and interventions will be staged during the exhibition at a number of sites around the city including Liverpool Central Library, Albert Dock and Wood Street. BOUND will show works by international artists representing personal perspectives on the physical and psychological impacts of slavery.

Today at least 12 million men, women and children worldwide are forced to work through the threat or use of violence. They are denied freedom, dehumanised and treated as property to be bought and sold. Even though slavery is illegal under international law, no region is free from this abuse and forms of slavery are found in most countries. Regardless of one's race, religion and social, political or cultural background, BOUND will invite the viewer to engage with issues of modern-day slavery by penetrating one's own profound experience in relation to freedom or choice of action.

The exhibition will examine this phenomenon in the contemporary world, as well as look into the questions of freedom, change, pride and belief. The artists in BOUND, stripped of any inhibitions or judgments, break Pandora's box wide open. The exhibition will incorporate archival material, conceptual work, photography, video, live art performance, interventions and installations. A comprehensive public programme will accompany the exhibition to include seminars, open table discussions, screenings, lectures, talks and workshops; the exhibition is accompanied by a full-colour catalogue and website.