29 August 2007

Rufus Ward's Untitled is the latest work to be selected for Artefact which allows North West based artists to exhibit at FACT. His series of prints focus on the two-dimensional surface of the pictures. By building up different layers of images, he is emphasising their inherent lack of depth.

Anaglyph images are most familiar as the blue and red stereoscopic pictures that give the appearance of depth when you wear 3D glasses; the technique as used to make films, comic books and TV programmes.

Ward is from Lancaster. He completed a BA (Hons) Degree in Painting and Drawing at Edinburgh College of Art. He has been involved in a number of group exhibitions in Scotland and is working on an upcoming solo exhibition in his hometown. Untitled 1-5 (2006) will be on display in the bar at FACT until 15 November 2007.