20 April 2007

David Rokeby's Silicon Remembers Carbon is now open until 10 June, and its key installations explore our ever-growing surveillance society.

The movement of pigeons and shoppers in Ropewalk Square, linking Wood Street and Bold Street become part of a work called Watch, installed in the public space at FACT. Using a live processed video stream, sourced from a camera on top of the building, one screen depicts the static elements of the street; parked cars, the metroscopes and buildings, and the other the movement.

In Gallery 2 you'll be able to watch yourself in the space, as well as observe the people who have been there before you. Taken (2002, see right) is a surveillance installation covering a whole wall, taken up by two very large projections. One side you can watch the activity in the gallery, on the other, in the manner of a mischievious CCTV camera, the individual is tracked and the computer assigns a word to describe them. Will you be hungry? Intrigued? Critical? Let the work decide.