26 February 2007

Analogue explores the history of video art and aims to explain how a versatile and politically charged medium made the transition from marginal to mainstream contemporary practice.

Mike Stubbs' Greetings from the Cape of Good Hope (1985) will be shown as part of five one-hour video programmes alongside work by artists such as David Critchley, General Idea and Józef Robakowski on Friday 02 March and repeated throughout Saturday 03 March.

A panel discussion with Canadian curator Peggy Gale, UK artist and curators Catherine Elwes, and Chris Meigh-Andrews and Polish Art Historian Aneta Krzemien will discuss the different social, economic and political contexts that helped shape the development of video art the UK, Canada and Poland.The event also includes In Two Minds, a live video performance by Kevin Atherton, in which the artist has a mediated conversation with himself through video technology.