6 February 2007

A milestone for public art in Britain, FACT's Moving Image Touring & Exhibition Service (MITES) is supporting the largest exhibition of artist David Austen, to be the first in the UK to use a Christie HD8KC High-Definition projector - currently the only one of its kind in the UK and a significant step for artists using HD technology. Milton Keynes Gallery is hosting the exhibition, which includes the premiere of a new film, Crackers, until 25 March 2007.

With a major Arts Council England investment, MITES supports artists and galleries wanting to use HD technology, from shoot and edit through to post-production digitisation and exhibition. Two artists commissioned for Liverpool Biennial International 06 were among the first to use the service to film and edit their installations. Film-maker Matthew Buckingham from New York describes it as, "the best video image I have ever seen."

The projector, which boasts 7000 ANSI Lumens and utilizes 3-chip DLP technology for outstanding picture quality, contrast and brightness at true HD resolution, has high quality lenses specification designed to increase image sharpness and give artists and galleries impeccable control over their images.

Simon Bradshaw, Head of FACT's Structural programme and MITES says, "At last artists can present their work in a quality previously only attainable through film." He adds, "High Definition projection in the gallery doesn't get any better than this."