22 January 2007

tenantspin is FACT's pioneering Collaboration Programme project, one of the UK's leading community driven Internet TV channels - co-managed by Arena Housing and city-wide tenants.

Responding to an appeal for music, radio art, documentaries, plays and audio books, tenantspin put a collection of their webcasts onto CD, sending it to Cape Town to meet a supply plane taking it on to the South Pole. It's part of a project called 'Polar Radio', initiated by I-TASC (the Interpolar Transnational Arts Science Constellation) and r a d i o q u a l i a - making it Antarctic's first ever artist-run radio station. The first prototype station began FM broadcasts on 29 December, in an area of Antarctica called Dronning Maud Land, where South Africa maintains their base.

Although Antarctica has no indigenous population, it does now have a regular human presence hosting scientists from 27 countries. Connecting the scientific community via radio, the audience in Antarctica can tune in from their skidoos - snowmobiles used for transport. The research phase of 'Polar Radio' is supported by Arts Council England.