1 November 2006

With the help of FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and the BBC, six young people, a sound artist, a composer and a writer have explored the city of the future to create an experimental sound piece and short film which will be broadcast on BBC Radio and shown at FACT this weekend (Saturday 04 November).

Out of the Bubble examines the questions and ideas to be discussed during BBC Radio 3's Free Thinking: A Festival of Ideas for the Future which include, "Who will tell us what's right and wrong in the future?" and, "Will the 21st century be the lonely century?" The Festival runs from Friday 03 November until Sunday 05 November.

The six youngsters who took part in the project are supported by the Liverpool branch of the national charity Fairbridge, which works with inner city youth who often face a range of problems and may be excluded from school or employment and often are without the support of family.

Working with sound artist Ross Dalziel, composer Mark Pilkington and writer Laurence Wilson, who were commissioned by FACT and the BBC, the young people explored behind the public face of Liverpool, under its roads and across its borders to look at it's the city's development and how they will fit into its future.

Artist Ross Dalziel says, "What we've created is a piece of work that represents a warped vision of a future Liverpool. The original footage and recordings made by the young people have been twisted into almost unrecognisable shapes. It's like some kind of accidental radio tuning, a bubble pinched off the edge of reality."

Lindsay Horne, Project Worker at Fairbridge says, "Making Out of the Bubble has been a superb experience. It was incredible for the young people to work alongside this calibre of artist and the staff at FACT were endlessly resourceful."