17 November 2006

Interactive, cutting edge and easy to use, FACT's new comments box in the foyer has proved hugely popular since its installation at the beginning of the Liverpool Biennial 2006. As the exhibition approaches its conclusion, here are a selection of the comments posted over the last nine weeks:

  • "Found the exhibits captivating"
  • "Loved the interactive installation by shilpa gupta"
  • "Loved it very especially the fisherman story"
  • "Great interactive installations!"
  • "Liked the spacemen film"
  • "Enjoyed the interactive work and would come again"
  • "Great exhibit cheers"
  • "A fantastic place to visit. i love Liverpool"
  • "Loved video of Liverpuddlians/politicians talking"
  • "The shadow film was really brilliant. We loved it when the arrows fell on our heads"
  • "Evocative of Liverpool"
  • "Mesmerising film best thing ever on here"