27 October 2006

The boundaries between nature, technology, sound and music are blurred as Brit Art and Brazilian rhythm come together at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) for the winter. In their first major UK commission, Brazilian sound artists Chelpa Ferro bring their visual interpretations of the tunes and rhythms of Liverpool's streets into FACT in a new installation in Gallery 1.

The unlimited imagination of the collective dazzled the 51st Venice Biennale and scooped a nomination at MTV Video Music Brazil. Their exhibitions have included impressive live, audio and visual presentations, which combine high and popular culture, exploring the central position of music in Brazil's everyday life. Using motors and plastic bags, the group will bring a cacophony of sound into FACT to show how the city's streets are surrounded by the physical presence of music.

A new composition, specially tailored for FACT and Liverpool, promises a unique experience. Young British artists juneau/projects/ create a wonderland trail at FACT on their first UK tour. The tour represents a coming of age for Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler (from London and Birmingham respectively) during a year that has already seen recognition at British Art Show 6, and a residency in Virtual Grizedale for Grizedale Arts.

Investigating the conflicting relationship between nature and technology, The Black Moss encourages visitors to explore the gallery and FACT using their imagination. The duo's new installation for the Media Lounge Instincts are misleading (you shouldn't think what you're feeling) (2006) will transform the space into a shrine dedicated to British wildlife. Creative contributions from visitors transform this into a continually evolving digital animation.

A woodland trail leads to Gallery 2, where a surreal, and at times threatening, text based computer game awaits in, Beneath the floorboards of the forest, empty space (2006). The visitor is encouraged to explore a strange and unusual world illustrated through imagination. I'm Going to Antler You (2006) - also in Gallery 2 - only works when there's an audience, and reveals the grey area between juneau/projects/ artworks and juneau/projects/ musical performances.