28 July 2005

In another UK exclusive, FACT presents a showcase of new work by young Japanese artists Ryota Kuwakubo and two artist collectives, ressentiment and exonemo. From gadgets and robots, to software experiments and creative use of the Internet, these resourceful innovators entertain and engage the viewer through witty and playful participation, with a mixture of high and low technologies.

Each element of the exhibition requires a degree of input from the audience whether it's immersing yourself in a shower of news in Kuwakubo's disorientating blue room; taking a walk through ressentiment's landscape of donated objects from the people of Liverpool and becoming part of the live film produced by roving, robotic cameras, or creating your own drawing in the dark to an electronic soundscape, in exonemo's installation.

Ceri Hand, FACT Director of Exhibitions, sourced the artists on a visit to Japan earlier this year and explains, "Throughout my visit I was reminded of how technology is embedded in the very fabric of Japanese society - from televisions on tube trains to amazing mobile phones that can do everything except make a cup of tea. The artists I have selected are at the vanguard of technology in Japan and are making their debut in the UK at FACT."

The exhibition opens to the public on Friday 26 August and runs until Sunday 30 October. Supported by a range of events designed to give an insight into contemporary Japanese society, they also inspire us to think about the possibilities presented by technology in relation to the society we live in.

Events include the screening of the best of Digital Stadium, a weekly television programme produced by Japanese public television company NHK, which uses the power of television to develop new talent, connect artists with new audiences and explore the ever-expanding frontiers of digital art. Each year the television producers and renowned cultural industries experts get together to select the best of the work and present it in the Digital Art Festival in Tokyo.