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Crispin Glover Live at FACT!

We are very excited to announce that Crispin Glover will be performing live at Picturehouse at FACT on 4 May.  Known for creating many memorable and quirky characters onscreen, Glover doesn’t disapp… Read on >

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Duncan Campbell's Make it New John screening tonight

Artist Duncan Campbell joins us for a screening of Make it New John, the story of John Delorean and his famous car.  Following the huge box-office success of Back to the Future in 1985, John DeLorea… Read on >

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Win Sci-Fi cinema tickets with our new Instagram competition

Document the science fiction in your daily life and win tickets to our sci-fi film season Our current exhibition Science Fiction: New Death explores how our relationship with technology has blurred … Read on >

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Writing to JG Ballard

FACT Contributor Jamie Mckittrick remembers Science Fiction author JG Ballard, who inspired our current exhibition Science Fiction: New Death and considers his impact on the genre In my final ye… Read on >

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Gordon's Alive?! See Flash Gordon at FACT this Easter Monday!

The first winner of our Science Fiction: New Death Audience Selection poll is 1980’s classic, Flash Gordon!  The quarterback of the New York Giants has the fate of the world on his shoulders as he f… Read on >

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Young FACT filmmaker’s movie premieres on the biggest screen in Britain

A young filmmaker who took part in the BFI Film Academy at FACT will graduate from a prestigious training scheme and see her film premiere on the BFI IMAX in London today Dust will be screened along… Read on >


Pop Up App studio at our second Ideas Factory event

Yesterday saw over 100 young people take part in the second of this year's Ideas Factory events led by FACT, The Studio School and Apposing. FACT's Learning Programmer Anna Kronenburg tells us all abo… Read on >

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Science Fiction season continues with Solaris tonight!

A scientist journeys to a station orbiting distant planet in an attempt to discover why its crew have gone insane The original 1973 version of Solaris is a visionary and critically acclaimed classic… Read on >

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Artist interview: Laurence Payot

Science Fiction: New Death curator Omar Kholeif talks to Laurence Payot about her work One in a Million, You currently on display at FACT, narcissism, and cults Omar: Do you think we live in an era … Read on >

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